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Maintaining hobbies with musical instruments can be both enjoyable and a little costly, especially if you are playing more expensive instruments like the piano or an organ. Although commonly mistaken as a string instrument because of its obvious strings, a piano is actually a percussion instrument since the strings can only be activated by hammers percussively. The popular piano is also often confused with the organ, a musical instrument that is quite similar to it in appearance and sound. In terms of classification, the organ is a woodwind instrument that can sustain notes as long as the keys are held unlike the piano. The piano is also a better lead instrument with its rich tones, and although the traditional models cannot produce other sounds, modern hybrid versions or digital models today can easily be set to produce other instrumental sounds.


Unlike other low maintenance musical instruments, the piano has an intricate internal structure made of hammers, levers, and springs that require proper maintenance from time to time. A piano's outer finish, usually made of different wood materials, must also be cleaned occasionally with a clean, damp cloth, and can also be polished depending on the material type. When it comes to storing the musical instrument, in cases when it will not be used for a significant period of time, proper precautions must also be taken to keep its keys and sound board from rusting and getting distorted, and eventual deterioration especially when exposed in extreme weather conditions. Piano storage can be a risky business for some that are not sure what to do, which is why a lot of piano owners best leave the job to professional piano movers or piano storage company like AAA Piano, one of the leading providers of piano services like piano storage Sacramento in Northern California.


Although the piano storage El Dorado Hills company also provides sales and rentals too including consignments and appraisals, AAA Piano specializes in piano tuning, refinishing, restoration, remediation, moving, and storage. Their complete range of services which are all delivered by skilled professionals make them a complete, one-stop shop for all piano owners in Northern California and neighboring cities. Having large facilities with a controlled climate for ideal piano storage also makes it easy for clients to have their instruments stored even for long term periods. For piano enthusiasts, it will truly be handy to have AAA Piano's contact within their reach, as it will indeed save them a lot of time when they can get all the services they will ever need in just one roof.